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From his office in the center of the Manhattan financial district, John M. Lambros provides business and commercial law, personal injury and products liability law, and employment law services to clients throughout the New York City metro area, including Brooklyn, Staten Island, Long Island, the Upper West Side, West Village, East Village, Greenwich Village, Tribeca, Melrose, Midtown, and Manhattan Valley, as well as New York County, Bronx County, Queens County, Kings County, Nassau County, and Suffolk County.

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VERY IMPORTANT MESSAGE FOR THOSE INQUIRING ABOUT HIRING THE LAW OFFICE OF JOHN M. LAMBROS OR THOSE SEEKING A CONSULTATION: Please note that, just because you sent an e-mail to an attorney at the law firm of John M. Lambros ("Law Firm"), it does not mean that Law Firm has agreed to represent you or advise you in any capacity or that an attorney-client relationship exists. Prior to, if at all, this Law Firm assuming representation of you, a written retainer agreement must be signed by both the Law Firm and you. The retainer agreement will outline the services to be provided and the costs of those services. Without a signed retainer agreement, the Law Firm does NOT represent you. Keep in mind that some legal matters and claims have specific time limits in which they must be brought. Claims and legal rights can be jeopardized if certain action is not taken within specific time periods. Accordingly, please do not have the mistaken belief that your matter is being handled by this Law Firm unless, after this firm agrees to represent you, you obtain a written retainer agreement signed by both you and a representative of this Law Firm.

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