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Family Medical Leave Act

New York City Family Medical Leave Act Lawyer

The Family Medical Leave Act of 1993 was passed with the expressed intent "to grant family and temporary medical leave under certain circumstances." The law specifies the types of employers that must comply with the provisions of FMLA, what types of life circumstances trigger an FMLA-approved leave (such as the birth of a child or the serious medical needs of an employee or a close family member) and what the scope of the leave is.

Contact New York City employment law attorney John M. Lambros to discuss a dispute or concern involving family or medical leave, or other benefits. Mr. Lambros represents both employees and employers in Family and Medical Leave Act matters, such as allegations of retaliation or wrongful discharge that occur in conjunction with a family or medical leave.

FMLA provides for the following:

  • an employer must continue covering the employee on any applicable group health plan;
  • elementary and secondary school teachers' leaves fall under certain parameters only;
  • leave may be paid or unpaid.

In most cases, employers can prevent unwarranted or unnecessary litigation related to FMLA claims by establishing and communicating policies and procedures clearly to employees. Employees likewise have specific requirements involving notification and timing of family or medical leaves. Attorney John M. Lambros is available to provide proactive advice to employers or employees. Mr. Lambros also represents employees or employers in disputes, claims, lawsuits and appeals related to pregnancy discrimination, retaliation cases and other FMLA-related matters. Contact the law firm by phone or e-mail to schedule a consultation.

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