In my personal injury practice, I represent clients who have been injured by:

Personal Injury Matters:

Car Accidents: I take car accidents and the injuries they cause very seriously, which makes me sensitive to the needs of my clients. I work hard to remain well respected by the insurance adjusters and medical professionals involved in these cases. Because of this, I often settle these matters on favorable terms for my clients. When these cases do not settle, however, I am ready, willing, and able to go to trial.

False Arrest & Police Brutality: I have litigated approximately fifty false arrest and police brutality cases. I have settled more than forty-five of these cases.

Asbestos & Toxic Torts: I have litigated approximately twenty asbestos cases, including two on behalf of clients suffering from mesothelioma. All of these cases were settled, two on the day of trial, on terms favorable to my clients. I also successfully litigated a TCE exposure case in Federal court in New York.

Products Liability: I have litigated numerous products liability cases on behalf of both plaintiffs and defendants with favorable results for both.

Pharmaceuticals & Medical Devices: In an effort to encourage safer drugs and medical devices, I have undertaken to involve myself in this litigation. The Food and Drug Administration has unfortunately abandoned its oversight responsibilities over drug and medical device companies. As a result, more and more unsafe drugs are being approved. Presently, private actions are the most effective way of both compensating clients and discouraging large pharmaceutical companies from putting profits before the health of their customers.

Medical Malpractice & Nursing Home Abuse: With top-flight firms associated with me, we are actively pursuing the rights of individuals injured by the negligence of doctors or nursing home staff. Physicians have a responsibility to their patients and nursing home staff to their residents. The private actions we bring on behalf of our clients are critical to reimbursing our clients and discouraging doctors and nursing home staff from negligent and reckless conduct

Construction Site Injuries: When a worker is injured at a construction site, society loses one of its most productive members. This means a lot to us. More importantly, however, this worker loses a livelihood. This means everything to us. We actively pursue these cases to see that the injured party is compensated and encourage the employer to maintain better working conditions.


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